The International Education Training Expo And Conference (IIETE) 2023 exhibition, will take place on February 16-19, 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Hall B Jakarta a number of well-known campuses Present at this exhibition, namely Pancasila University for the 2023-2024 academic year, will soon begin prospective high school / vocational school graduates as equals start looking for destination universities, said the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. DR Apt Syamsudin M.Biommed, when met on the sidelines of the IIETE 2023 Exhibition with online media partners to facilitate high school graduates or equivalents to find universities, he said.

Furthermore, Prof. Syamsudin, hopes that younger siblings can get information about higher education products at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, in terms of the quality of education that has credibility with a maintained accreditation level, where 80 percent of study programs are accredited A and Superior in their education, curriculum structure, learning system and available test-free programs and free registration fees for new students, Ranked 15.based on the assessment of the Main Performance Indicators of Higher Education ( IKU -PT) , research performance and community service, , even available various scholarship programs and past learning recognition programs (RPL) , and the implementation of standardized education ISO 21001: 2018 cerrificate on managemant system ‘ for Higher Education Organizations including in the D3 Accredited A level education program, S1 Accredited Pharmacy A , Accredited Pharmacist Profession A , S2 Accredited Superior and S3 Accredited Very Well at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, added Prof. Dr. Syamsudin, M.Biommed. to poskota-Nasional.

Source : Poskota Nasional

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