Pancasila University collaborated with BNN to conduct urine tests for all new students for the 2019/2020 academic year, Monday (02/09) as an effort to detect drug abuse in the campus environment. The urine test is carried out in conjunction with the introduction of the campus environment in each faculty. This activity was attended by 1,932 new students from a total of 7 faculties.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni of Pancasila University, Agus Purwanggana said that the entire academic community supports this activity which is routinely carried out every year as a form of commitment to realizing a drug-free campus, becoming a safe and quality place to study based on Pancasila values.

The urine test was chosen as the most effective method because the concentration of the drug produced was higher in the urine. In addition, other advantages are that field test equipment is easy to obtain (available) and fast detection time. The activities carried out in one day have been running effectively and in an orderly manner thanks to the support of the faculty leaders.

There are several things that must be closely monitored to prevent participants from mixing urine with other chemicals or exchanging sample results. Therefore, faculty officers must first ensure that the place used for urine collection is sterile from other chemicals and place officers of the same gender as the participants so that they can carry out the necessary supervision.


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