Prof. Dr. Wahono Sumaryono
Prof. Dr. Wahono Sumaryono Speech

Pancasila University at the age of 53 (on October 28 to come) has graduated approximately 62,000 undergraduates (including those graduating today) from various study programs and have participated in the work and contribute actively to building the nation and state, according to the competence of scientific disciplines as well as their respective fields of service.

Coinciding with the Pancasila Sanctity Day, October 1, 2019, the Senate Open Session of the University of Pancasila released the Graduates at the 53rd Anniversary and Even Semester Graduations of the 2018/2019 Academic Year of the University of Pancasila which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center.

In the Graduation event with the theme “Implementation of Pancasila Values through Competence and Competitiveness of Graduates in Developing the Nation”, a total of 1745 graduates will be graduated from the Doctoral/Masters/Bachelor/Diploma III Study Program and the Pharmacist Profession

On this occasion, the Chairperson of the Trustees, Supervisors and Management of the Pancasila University Education and Trustees Foundation (YPPUP), the Chancellor of the Pancasila University, Prof. Dr. Wahono Sumaryono, Apt, Professors, Members of the Senate, Structural Officials, lecturers and employees, all UP Academic Civitas, all Lecturers, Employees of Pancasila University and all partners of Pancasila University.

As a form of accountability for UP, in his remarks the Chancellor of UP delivered a brief report on the activities and developments of the Pancasila University during the Even Semester of the 2018/2019 Academic Year.

Pancasila University got the 45th rank out of 2141PTN + PTS assessed by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education for 2019 Based on the ranking of PTN + PTS carried out, previously in 2018 UP was ranked 59 out of 2010 PTN+PTS. When counted among private universities only at the National level, UP is ranked 17th in 2019. When calculated in the LLDikti 3 (DKI) environment which consists of 322 PTN+PTS, UP is ranked 5. And UP gets a ranking of 32 green campuses from the UI Green Metric .

Completing the graduation ceremony this morning, a scientific oration will be delivered by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), namely Dr.Ir. Basuki Hadimuljono, M.Sc. with the title “Equitable Infrastructure Development as an Embodiment of Social Justice and Acceleration of Improving the Quality of Indonesian Human Resources”.

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