Monday (11/8/2020) the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, held a Judiciary event for the Bachelor of Pharmacy Study Program. The event took place at 13.00–15.30 WIB in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room. The judiciary was held 2 times in a semester, and for the first time, this time it was held online. A total of 203 undergraduate candidates took part in this graduation.

For information, until 2020, the number of graduates from the Pharmacy Study Program is 4970 people, the Pharmacy S1 Study Program is 5582 people, the Pharmacy D3 Study Program is 582 people, and the Pharmacy Science Masters Study Program is 366 people. In this graduation, the highest GPA of the Bachelor of Pharmacy Study Program was achieved by Irene Intan Permata Putri (class of 2016) with a score of 3.64. Next, the highest GPA with honors was achieved by Katerine Natashia (GPA 3.62), Yaska Adila (GPA 3.61), and Daniel Immanuel (GPA 3.52).

The event which lasted for approximately 2 hours began with a senate meeting and was opened by the FFUP Dean, followed by the reading of the decree on the results of the judicial trial, and the excerpt of the judicial decree. Several remarks were also delivered at this event. The speech was started by Irene Intan Permata Murti as a student representative, followed by remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy by Prof. Dr. apt. Shirly Kumala, M. Biomed., and the last one was delivered by the Chancellor of Pancasila University, Prof. Dr. apt. Wahono Sumaryono.

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. apt. Shirly Kumala, M.Biomed., advised the scholars: “Become a professional pharmacist, who is excellent and able to compete in advances in new technology, therefore prepare yourself as well as possible, and of course you must keep learning”. In addition, to new graduates, he hopes, “Hopefully they will be able to work to prove the quality of the degrees achieved today through works that are beneficial to the fields of health and pharmacy in particular and the welfare of society in general”.

Furthermore, congratulations were also conveyed by the Chancellor of the Pancasila University, Prof. Dr. apt. Wahono Sumaryono, for the achievements obtained by yudisiawan and yudisiawati at this time. Although in the future there will be many things that must be prepared, as well as challenges that are no less severe, he reminded that that is the essence of the learning process. He also conveyed his gratitude to the parents and families of the scholars who had entrusted their sons and daughters to study and be educated as an expert and professional pharmacist at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila. He hopes that these new graduates have competence, both soft skills, hard skills and professionalism. His hope for all new graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to become a sincere and good person, where the 2 words are an acronym for:

I = Integrity and honesty (both words and deeds).
K = Competence (hard skills) in pharmaceutical science and soft skills in socializing and networking, as well as in society.
H = Harmony, always maintain harmony in diversity.
L = Loyalty, professional attitude and loyalty to the institution or company in the workplace.
A = Enthusiastic, high spirit and never give up.
S = Solidarity, building teamwork and cohesiveness in working for synergy.

Then become a good person;

A = Adaptive, always following the times.
P = Productive, produce something more.
I = Innovative, making new breakthroughs with various existing media.
K = Contributive, obliged to give to others, social and professional environment.

In addition, he added that during this pandemic, there will be fewer job opportunities, while the supply of graduates will increase. Of course, this will make the competition for job seekers even tighter. Therefore, he hopes that graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy will not only become job seekers, but also job creaters through the wide-open implementation of pharmaceutical entrepreneurship, such as developing herbal medicines, herbal cosmetics, or anything that has various kinds of resources and can be developed towards health products with the provision of pharmaceutical science.

The Chancellor of Pancasila University hopes that more graduates will apply entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical field. That way, the goals of Pancasila University can be achieved in accordance with the direction of the Pancasila University Foundation that one day the Pancasila University campus will become an entrepreneur university. He also advised graduates that wherever they work and study, always apply organizational values.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia, and is also not inferior to other state universities. Supported by qualified teaching staff and infrastructure, the Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the faculties to be proud of among existing pharmacy colleges.

Mr. Chancellor, Prof. Dr. apt. Wahono Sumaryono also expressed his appreciation for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, which until now has been allowed to open a doctoral study program (S3). This shows a belief from the National Accreditation Board that the Faculty of Pharmacy at Pancasila University is considered to have the ability to organize study programs at the highest level.

This online judicial moment was immortalized in a videotape uploaded on the Faculty of Pharmacy Youtube Channel page.

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