The Corona pandemic has indirectly shifted lecture activities and face-to-face exams (offline) to digital activities (online). Currently, the education sector tends to rely on digital technology or ICT as a long-term solution in the new normal era. The conditions of the new normal era also influenced the administration of the exam held by the Pharmacist Study Program, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila on August 6-8, 2020.

Located at the OSCE Center, the Pharmacist Study Program held the UKAI OSCE exam by combining online and offline systems. As mentioned by Mrs. apt., Hesty Utami R., M.Clin.Pharm., PhD. as the head of the Pharmacist Study Program, students of the pharmacist profession before being declared pass must take a series of National Pharmacist Competency Tests (UKAI), namely computerized knowledge tests and skills tests. The Tryout CBT/computerized knowledge exam was held on 3-4 August 2020, then continued with the OSCE skills exam which was held on 6-8 August 2020.

He explained, in the previous semester the UKAI OSCE exam was conducted nationally. However, due to the pandemic, the central committee and supervisor handed over the OSCE exam administration policy to each campus.

The UKAI OSCE exam held by the Pharmacy Study Program of the UP Faculty of Pharmacy during this pandemic did not fully use the online system. This is done to determine the competence and practical skills of students and demonstrate tools based on the blue print of Indonesian pharmacist competency standards, including service, quality control, etc.

The UKAI OSCE exam which was held for 3 days was attended by 123 participants. The first day, the exam was conducted online using the zoom application. Day 2 and day 3, the exam is conducted offline. In the offline exam, participants are divided into several sessions. Each student works on 2 stations online and 3 stations offline. The 5 stations represent pharmaceutical practice work.

After a series of competency tests are carried out (Tryout CBT and OSCE), the final stage of student exams is the UKAI CBT exam which will be held simultaneously nationally on September 26, 2020. The results of the CBT exam will determine the graduation of Pharmacists Study Program students.

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