The D3 Pharmacy Study Program, Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University gave birth to new Pharmacy Associate Experts by holding an online graduation event on Friday (14/8/2020). The event took place at 13.00-15.30 WIB in the Meeting Room on the 2nd Floor and the judiciary participants were in their respective homes.

A total of 118 student participants were in the judiciary today. Consisting of 56 graduates from the Regular D3 program and 62 graduates from the D3 RPL (Recognition of Past Learning) program. The event began with the reading of the senate meeting and the reading of the Decision Letter on the Results of the Judicial Session of the Diploma III FFUP Program by the Deputy Dean I, Mrs. Dr. apt. Dian Ratih L, M. Biomed, followed by remarks from outstanding student Indiraisha Putri Sandi and representatives of parents of outstanding students (Ferina Mawarni Kurniawati) by Mrs. Sri Utami.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy (Prof. Dr. apt. Shirly Kumala, M. Biomed), Ka. D3 Pharmacy Study Program (Nur Miftahurrohmah, S.Si., M.Si., Apt), and Pancasila University Records (Prof. Dr. apt. Wahono Sumaryono). In his remarks, the Chancellor hoped that new graduates would have a sincere personality, which is an acronym for Integrity, Competence, Harmony, Loyalty, Enthusiasm and Solidarity.

As for the explanation, graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Pancasila should have competence in the field of pharmaceutical science, have a sense of harmony, that is, always maintain harmony in diversity, a sense of loyalty to work, a sense of enthusiasm (spirit), and also a high sense of solidarity.

In line with him, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. apt. Shirly Kumala, M.Biomed., also advised graduates to become professionals and be able to compete to prove the quality of the degrees achieved today through works that are beneficial to the health and pharmaceutical fields.

This online judicial moment was immortalized in a video recording uploaded on the Faculty of Pharmacy’s Youtube Channel page.

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