A total of 117 students of the Pharmacist Profession Program of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila, took the professional exam through the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) method. The exam will be held from Saturday (18/01) to Monday (20/01) 2020 at the UP Faculty of Pharmacy campus, Jakarta.

“OSCE is a practical exam to test the competence of pharmacist graduates. The test takers are students of the Pharmacist Profession Program, ahead of graduation,” said the Coordinator of the OSCE PSPA Examination of the Faculty of Pharmacy UP, Sondang Khairani, S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt. when found in between activities.

Sondang said that this was the fourth time that the OSCE test was conducted at the UP Faculty of Pharmacy. This exam is one of the final exams for pharmacist students as a graduation requirement. In addition to the OSCE exam, the students also took a Computer Based Test (CBT), a library search exam, and a comprehensive trial.

Previously, the final examination was only carried out through the Literature Search Examination and the Comprehensive Trial Examination. But in the future, these two exams will be abolished, the exams are only through OSCE and CBT.

The technical implementation of the OSCE this time is that the participants are divided into 10 stations in each session. At each station, participants were given 1 minute to read the questions, and 8 minutes to work on them. In one session, there will be 10 participants tested. In one day, the exam is carried out in 4 sessions.

“The questions are made in stations like the conditions in the practice. For example, in a pharmacy, when a patient comes to the pharmacy, the pharmacist will become a drug consultant, explained Sondang.

Through this method, Sondang said that the competence of the participants would be more visible. It can be said, this exam is a practical test to measure the ability of prospective graduates. Through this method, participants’ competencies become more visible and measurable.

In line with Sondang, the Head of the UP Pharmacist Professional Study Program, Dra. Titiek Martati, M.Sc., Apt. said, this exam as part of the competency assessment of prospective pharmacists. “This is one part of the effort to strengthen the competence of pharmacists. So it is hoped that students who graduate will be more competent to enter the community. At least he has mastered the required competencies,” said Dra. point. Currently, the OSCE exam for prospective pharmacists has been carried out simultaneously nationally. Examinations through the OSCE method have also been conducted for Medical and Nursing students.

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