Pancasila University (UP) inaugurated a number of officials within the UP campus on (20/07) at the Nusantara Hall of the UP Faculty of Pharmacy. A number of officials who were inaugurated today are officials within the UP campus, including:

  1. Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M. Biomed., as Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila
  2. Prof. Dr. Ade Saptomo, SH., M.Si, as Head of the Legal Studies Program
  3. Brigadier General Pol (P) Drs. Untung Leksono, M.Sc., Psi. as Head of the Center for Human Resource Management and Capacity Development at Pancasila University.
  4. Dr. Ir. Achmad Hermanto Dardak, M.Sc., IPU. as Head of Master Program in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Pancasila University.
  5. Dr. Yoyo Arifardhani, SH., MM., LL.M. as Head of Notary Master’s Degree Study Program, Faculty of Law, University of Pancasila.
  6. Yuli Ardianto, SE., M.Sc. as Head of D3 Taxation Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Pancasila University.
  7. Dr. Ir. AR. Indra Tjahjani, MT. as Head of Undergraduate Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Pancasila University.
  8. I Made Adhi Gunadi, S.IP., M.Si.Par., CEE. as Acting. Head of D4 Convention and Event Management Study Program (MICE).

This activity was attended by the Chairperson of the Education Foundation and Trustees of the Pancasila University (YPPUP) Dr. (HC). Ir. Siswono Yudo Husodo, Rector of UP Prof. Dr. Edie Toet Hendratno, SH., M.Si., FCBARb. Vice Chancellors, other YPPUP members and also the Deputy Governor of East Java Province Dr. Emil Elestianto Dardak M.Sc.

In his speech, the Chancellor of UP. Prof. Edie Toet conveyed his congratulations to all officials who were inaugurated today and in particular, the Chancellor conveyed that all positions had gone through a Fit and Proper Test process like any other official. One of those appointed today is Mr. Dr. Ir. Achmad Hermanto Dardak, M.Sc., IPU. which will strengthen the Faculty of Engineering. Previously, he served as Head of the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency for the period 2014-2016 and Deputy Minister of Public Works for the period 2010-2014. He became the first Indonesian to receive the world’s most prestigious award in the field of road construction (Road Sector), namely the International Road Federation (IRF) Professional of the Year. And we can also be proud that in Indonesia there are two of the most famous Dardak, one in UP and the other in East Java.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of YPPUP’s Trustees, Dr. (HC) Ir. Siswono Yudo Husodo in his speech congratulated all inaugurated officials, the inauguration of new officials is something that is routinely carried out in the UP campus environment which aims to continue to advance this university so that it can continue to develop in response to various changes that occur, today is so special and contains great hope for faster and better progress for this beloved campus. On this occasion, we must always be grateful for the various achievements achieved by this university as well as the achievements in ourselves regarding what we have achieved today and continue to instill various great hopes for ourselves and UP.

Pancasila University is continuously trying to get International Accreditation and to be global, in order to meet the demands of graduates’ achievements, both from the industrial business world at home and abroad, government agencies and even international institutions. A few days ago, we signed an MOU with Padang State University and Padang Institute of Technology. As for international relations, we are also collaborating with Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Technische Universitat Ilmenau Germany and Ateneo de Manila University School of Law.

Apart from that, the accreditation of the Study Program is also moving forward to become EXCELLENT starting with the Master of Law and Master of Pharmacy Study Programs. Next will follow the Master of Mechanical Engineering. This morning we have just opened the UNIID V Symposium 2002: “Science and Expertise Collaboration in Supporting Indonesia’s Infrastructure” which will be held in a hybrid from today to tomorrow at the Faculty of Engineering, a collaboration between Pancasila University, Padjadjaran University, PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia.

This year, UP is still entrusted with obtaining and managing the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM) Grant for 2 Study Programs, namely: S1 Law and Communication Studies in 2021 and 2022 worth RP. 2,218,490,000; Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM) for institutions (Institutional Support System) 2021; and Grants for 2 Student Entrepreneurial Programs from the Ministry of Education and Culture from the Faculty of Economics and Tourism.

Pancasila University is currently building a pharmacy building as a teaching factory, a bioavailability and bioequivalence laboratory, a halal lab, a cosmetic lab, and a multimedia classroom at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University. For information, the newly appointed Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M. Biomed. received a MURI record award for the first Polyherbal research research that acts as an adjuvant therapy to increase the effectiveness of standard Covid-19 treatment. Research that is beneficial to the community and is currently widely used by both Government and Private Hospitals in Indonesia

Considering that the pandemic has caused quite a number of students and prospective students to have difficulty meeting tuition fees, Pancasila University collaborates with banks and other financial institutions to provide alternative payment methods.

Collaboration already done. Currently, it is with BNI through the Pay for Education Program via BNI Mobile Banking, and besides that, Pancasila University will also work with Dana Cita, a financial institution that has received OJK permission and has collaborated with many universities in providing education financing to prospective students. The Cita Fund will help students from the D3 – Postgraduate level in making tuition payments where students can pay in installments with a time span that is tailored to their abilities.

In the current era, UP is required to be able to transform, otherwise we will be left behind from other universities that have improved themselves and excelled. Cooperation with the media, both print media, online, TV in regional and national coverage is going very well. Activities at Pancasila University can be disseminated so that the public can follow our developments from time to time. The pandemic does not prevent UP from carrying out various activities that improve the quality of UP. The activities of the independent learning program can also be echoed so that it opens the insight of both students and prospective students that there are many things that can be obtained from lecture activities. Hopefully this can build the image and interest of students and the community to join Pancasila University. Therefore, innovations as a process of achieving harmony are needed. A gain of more than 100 percent is needed to catch up with our competitors.

In the last few years, we have proven that we work hard to catch up with various gaps, we do it with consistency and persistence to achieve what we want. Hopefully the inaugurated officials will be able to maintain harmony among all stakeholders at Pancasila University, be it students, lecturers, and education staff within the Pancasila University.

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