No. : 225/Peng/U/FF/XI/2018
Registration of Pharmacist Professional Study Program Education
Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University
Even Semester 2018/2019

It is announced that registration for the Even semester 2018/2019 Pharmacist Professional Study Program is open from 03 January 2019 to 06 February 2019, with the following requirements:

  1. Registration of prospective new students for the Pharmacist Professional Study Program online through the website http://pmbonline.univpancasila.ac.id by means of :
    • Fill in the data for prospective students of the Pharmacist Profession Study Program.
    • Upload scanned results of diplomas, transcripts, photos, ID cards, Accreditation Certificate of Pharmacy Study Program S1 Pharmacy College of origin.
    • Obtain the results of verification of biodata and documents, then the payment bill is printed.
    • Pay the Selection Exam Registration fee of Rp.800,000-.
    • Proof of payment for registration scan and upload.
    • Obtain payment verification, then print the exam card. 
  2. For prospective students from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University,
    • Attach proof of submission of thesis book. 
    • For students who have just finished the thesis trial, the submission of books is no later than 1 (one) month after the thesis trial, and if they arrive at the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) they have not submitted the thesis book, they are not allowed to take the exam.
  3. Bagi calon mahasiswa yang berasal dari luar Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Pancasila:
    • Graduated from Strata-1 (S1) Pharmacy program, the graduation period is no more than 3 years.
    • Submit a photocopy of the accreditation certificate for the undergraduate study program from the original Pharmacy College.
    • GPA Strata-1 (S1) Pharmacy 3.20.
  4. Selection exams are held on :
    • Theory & Psychotest
      • Day/date : Tuesday, 12 February 2019
      • Hours : 09.00 WIB – finished
      • Place : Hall Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Pancasila
    • Wawancara
      • Day/date : Wednesday, February 13, 2019
      • Hours: 09.00 WIB – finished
      • Place: Hall (Fl. IV) Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila
  5. The theoretical material tested: Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology.
  6. Graduation announcement on day/date : Tuesday / 19 February 2019
  7. Re-registration on 19 – 22 February 2019 to the Academic section, by attaching:
    1. Fill out the registration form for the Pharmacist Professional Study Program
    2. Legalized copy of S1 diploma (1 sheet)
    3. Photocopy of S1 transcripts that are legalized (1 sheet)
    4. Photo with purple background color 4×6 (2 sheets)
    5. 3×4 purple background photo (2 sheets)
    6. Photocopy of birth certificate (1 sheet)
    7. Photocopy of family card (1 Sheet)
    8. Certificate of good health from the doctor
    9. Certificate of not being color blind, not speech impaired, not deaf (original) from a doctor and free of drugs from an authorized institution.
    10. Photocopy of the accreditation certificate of the faculty/S1 study program from the original Pharmacy College
  8. The debriefing of new Pharmacist students was held on:
    • Day/date : Friday / 01 March 2019
    • Hours: 09.00 WIB – finished
    • Place: Hall (Fl. IV) Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila
  9. Lecture starts on Monday, March 04, 2019.

Thus announced to be known.

Jakarta, November 30, 2018


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