Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Doctoral Study Program in Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila (FFUP) Jakarta added back to its 8th graduate doctoral list, Andri Prasetiyo.

“Some of the latest research obtained is that the compounds 6-0-Lactoyl Borapetoside B and Borapetoside C from brotowali stems have activity as antidiabetic drugs with the mechanism of action of in-silico, in-vitro and metabolomics DPP-4  enzyme inhibitors  ,” said Andri Prasetiyo in Jakarta, Thursday.

According to him, the traditional drug discovery process in finding new clues requires large costs and a long time. Interestingly, this research uses methods that require more efficient costs and shorter time, namely in-silico (molecular docking  and moleculardynamic) and metabolomics approaches to identify the two active compounds.
“The results of the identification of active compounds in brotowali stems  with this in-silico technique  are in line with the results of metabolomic analysis,” he said.

Researchers hope that the search for diabetes drugs from natural ingredients must be continuously researched and developed into standardized herbal medicines and phytopharmaceuticals.

Standardized Herbal Medicine and Phytopharmaceuticals are traditional medicines whose efficacy, safety have been scientifically proven and the product meets good quality requirements.

Andri Prasetoyo successfully defended his dissertation before the board of examiners at an open session held online in the FFUP hall room.

The doctoral promotion session was chaired directly by rector University of Pancasila Prof. Dr. Edie Toet Hendratno, S.H, M.Si, FCBArb, chief examiner Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M.Biomed, the examiner members consisted of Prof. Dr. apt. Dian Ratih L, M.Biomed. (FFUP) , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanafi, M.Sc. (BRIN), Dr. apt. Novi Yantih, M.Si (FFUP), and Prof. Dr. apt. Arry Yanuar, M.S. (FFUI).  Acting as Promoter is Prof. Dr. apt. Shirly Kumala, M.Biomed. (FFUP), Prof. Dr. Raymond R Tjandrawinata (Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS)/ Univ. Atmajaya) and Dr.apt. Esti Mumpuni M.Si (FFUP).

Dissertation title: Study of the Content of Active Compounds of Water Extract, Ethanol 50 percent and 96 percent of Tinospora Crispa Stems as Antidiabetics With the Mechanism of Action of DPP-4 Inhibitors In Silico, In-Vitro, and Metabolomics.

Herald : Feru Lantara
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