Commissariat Level & English Day

The event, which took place on March 13, 2010 and then started in the afternoon, due to many lectures scheduled on Saturdays. After being opened by Pak Wayan as the Dean of FFUP, the material began with the introduction of ISMAFARSI (Indonesian Pharmacy Student Senate Association) by the Secretary General of ISMAFARSI himself, namely Joko Rinanto. He introduced the history of ISMAFARSI, its development to date and the programs implemented. Some participants were quite enthusiastic by asking some questions.

The second material is filled by Mr. Dito, a representative from LBPP-LIA on “The Importance of Communicating in English”, he explained the importance of speaking English in pharmacy courses and the world of work, considering that now English can no longer be called a secondary language, but also becomes an important thing in work and studying.

After the two materials, the event was filled with games arranged by the MC, Kristin Yulia (FFUP 2007) and was very entertaining. 3 participants had the opportunity to come forward and get consolation prizes, as well as one of the invited representatives from UHAMKA.

After snacks and games, the event was filled with sharing Discovery IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation) by Dwi Ruth Kurniasih as APRO Sub-Committee of Publication and finally closed with sharing by JABODELATA (Jakarta Bogor Depok Lampung Tangerang) which is an ISMAFARSI area, more than 15 representatives attended the event and participated in sharing about ISMAFARSI. Participants were also more enthusiastic when sharing by asking some questions and input.

ISMAFARSI The Universitas Pancasila Commissariat will then hold a 2010 Pharmacy Training on 26-27 June 2010, where seminars and patient counseling events will be held at this event.

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