Becoming a Master of Pharmacy Study Program that excels in the development and utilization of natural ingredients and pharmaceutical services based on the noble values of Pancasila.


  1. Organizing quality education in pharmaceutical sciences in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, natural ingredients, business (post-production) and hospitals, as well as their management.
  2. Develop science and technology in order to increase competitiveness in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, natural ingredients, hospitals and their businesses
  3. Providing services and consultations in the pharmaceutical sector in order to improve people’s lives.


  1. Producing graduates who have high knowledge and skills, who are able to keep abreast of developments in science and technology in the fields of drugs, cosmetics, development of the natural product pharmaceutical industry, business (post-production) and hospital pharmaceutical services, and their management
  2. Producing innovative research outcomes that can be used by society, government and industry.
  3. Improving the welfare and quality of public health through the use of natural medicines and cosmetics