“The Faculty of Pharmacy of Pancasila University and Nucleus Farma Bring Home Gold and Silver Medals in the E-Innovate International Innovation Show Competition in Poland on June 19-20, 2023: Giving Birth to the Latest Innovations for the Health of the Indonesian Community”

The collaboration between the Faculty of Pharmacy of Pancasila University (FFUP) and PT Natura Nuswantara Nirmala (Nucleus Farma/NF) in the E-Innovate International Innovation Show competition in Bydgoszcz, Poland, demonstrates FFUP’s commitment to supporting the commercialization of innovative products and participating in prestigious international competitions. This collaboration combines expertise from the academic and industrial worlds through a biotechnology approach.

In the competition, the team consisted of members from FFUP, namely Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M.Biomed., and apt. Greesty F Swandiny, M.Farm., as well as a team from NF, namely Edward Basilianus, SE, MM; Sucipto Kokadir, BSC; and Henryanto Komala, BSC, MBA. They successfully developed two innovative products, namely Onotusin and Onoake, which won the gold and silver medals respectively.

Onotusin is a liquid medicinal preparation that functions as an expectorant and mucolytic, specially formulated from ginger (Zingiber officinale), cloves (Eugenia aromatica), cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), lemon (Citrus limon), licorice root (Glycyrrhizae glabra), mint leaves (Mentha piperita), and honey (Apis mellifera). This formulation is highly effective for cough sufferers with minimal side effects. The formulation already holds a patent with the IDP000005009 number.

On the other hand, Onoake is a capsule preparation combining extracts of moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera), stonebreaker leaves (Phyllanthus niruri), and black cumin (Nigella sativa), also produced through a special extraction technology using supercritical CO2. In the biotechnology approach, this combination of natural ingredients is designed to work synergistically in maintaining health and providing nutrition to the brain. Onoake has shown potential as an adjuvant drug for patients with stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia based on several related scientific studies.

Regarding this, the journal article “Moringa oleifera Mitigates Memory Impairment and Neurodegeneration in Animal Model of Age-Related Dementia” by Chatchada Sutalangka et al., published by Hindawi Publishing Corporation in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Volume 2013, Article ID 695936, concludes that moringa leaf extract increases neuron density and plays a significant role in memory retention, surpassing the effects of Donepezil and Vitamin C, making it highly beneficial for nourishing the brains of dementia, ischemic stroke, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Furthermore, according to Kirisattayakul W, Wattanathorn J, Tong-Un T, Muchimapura S, Wannanon P, Jittiwat J (2013) in the article “Cerebroprotective effect of Moringa oleifera against focal ischemic stroke induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion” published in Oxidative Med Cell Longev 2013:951415, the administration of moringa leaf extract for 3 weeks can prevent brain dysfunction caused by cerebral ischemia.

Prof. Syamsudin has high hopes of continuing to contribute to health programs through research and innovation in products needed by the Indonesian community. Collaborations between universities and the business

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