The Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University (FFUP), collaborates with the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in the context of organizing the World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) in 2023.

The implementation of the World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) is an event in the world of Science, Technology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Energy and Engineering, Environment, Chemistry and Health which aims to increase Creativity, Innovation, and Invention of Students and Students.

In the agreement meeting, chaired directly by Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M.Biomed, as the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, and also attended by the Vice Deans and ranks of the Study, Student, and IT Programs.

Speech by Prof. Syamsudin, in a collaboration event between FFUP and IYSA

In his speech Prof. Syamsudin said that, at least there are several benefits that FFUP will get in this agenda, including FFUP’s efforts in increasing branding both at the National and International levels, and increasing International Recognition for students at FFUP for both S1 and D-III study programs. . Furthermore, as a form of promotion of FFUP to foreign countries to be better known.

Further information was also conveyed by Deni Irawan, M.Pd. as chairman of IYSA that, “In IYSA’s journey abroad, at least we already have more than 50 international institutions more in the ASIA region, whose membership is in the Member of IYSA, for National IYSA base itself is mostly in the Java region Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta and also Bali”.

He also explained that at IYSA itself there are at least two activities, both Competition and Non-competition. where for more competitions to international networks, and non-competition, such as webinars, seminars, scientific publications, and others. We also have a team of experts consisting of lecturers from various universities,” he concluded.

In the meeting, it ended with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement / MoU, between FFUP and IYSA which was signed by Prof. Syamsudin and Deni Irawan, M.Pd from IYSA, and also ended with a group photo and visits to various classroom locations and rooms at FFUP. [ar]

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