The Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila (FFUP) is currently improving itself to prepare to race against the development of science and technology and meet the demands of an increasingly stringent world of work. In Indonesia alone, there are currently 60 Pharmacy Universities competing and at the same time facing foreign Universities whose competition is impossible to contain in today’s free market.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila (FFUP) as the first and largest private Faculty of Pharmacy in Indonesia, wants to continue to exist and continue to grow. We want FFUP to progress and develop, and we will be proud to take part in it. We will be proud if FFUP’s vision can soon be achieved, namely to become a leading Pharmacy College with national and international standards. At the national level, we have stood in line with state and private Pharmacy Universities that have been accredited A. At the international level, we have signed an MOU with the School of Pharmacy, USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia).

Recently, we have also succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which means that the quality management system we apply has been recognized with international standards. Currently we are preparing to obtain ISO 17025 certificate for research and development laboratories to meet the needs of the industrial community and assist alumni in global competition.

The development of campus facilities and infrastructure such as: hall, studio, central warehouse, experimental animal cages, AHU system and others have been completed. The construction of a canteen, volleyball court, badminton and basketball with international standards has been assisted by alumni who have succeeded in developing their business, namely PT. Kinocare. Some facilities still need to be relocated (pharmacies) and some have to be expanded (libraries) and equipped with the necessary equipment. Given the number of prospective students that continues to grow beyond the capacity, this must be maintained by providing quality educational facilities. The existing library is no longer able to accommodate the number of students who have reached approximately 1500 people because it was previously designed to serve around 500 students.

As an appreciation and appreciation to Drs. Sunarto Prawirosujanto, Apt., who pioneered the establishment of FFUP, we would like to name the library: SUNARTO PRAWIROSUJANTO LIBRARY. Until now, at the age of more than 80 years, he is blessed with good health and still actively assists the faculty as a member of the senate and in the foundation as a supervisor. His care is not only limited to the faculty but also to the community, nation and state. Hopefully our efforts will be successful, thank you for your participation and support.

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