No. : 09/Peng/KU/FF/I/2019

Announced to students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, Undergraduate Study Program batch 2014 whose study period is more than 9 semesters based on the Regulation of the Chancellor of the Pancasila University No: 4274/PER/R/UP/XI/2019 Article 3 that the conditions for free semester 10 credits are as follows: following :

  1. Actively registered as a Pancasila University student by participating in lecture activities from semester 1 to 9 (No Lecture Leave).
  2. Have no arrears in financial administration obligations (attach a certificate of no arrears from finance).
  3. Pass courses of at least 100 credits (attach a transcript of grades from semester 1 to semester 9).
  4. Make a written application letter addressed to the Dean by attaching requirements number 2 and 3 (please include the courses and total credits submitted).
  5. Submission of applications starts from February 01, 2019-18 February 2019 and the files are submitted to the finance department.
  6. Free credit for semester 10 only applies to regular lectures (14-16 meetings) and does not apply to thesis or repair courses.
  7. Late submission of applications will not be processed and the student concerned will not be given credit payment facilities.
  8. The credit-free facility applies if the proposed course is in accordance with the courses taken in semester 10. If there is a difference, the free tuition in that course will be cancelled.

Thus announced for attention.

Jakarta, January 16, 2019

Dean of FFUP


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