39 Pharmacist Inauguration
39 Pharmacist Inauguration

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A total of 96 student Pharmacists from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila, will be sworn in and take the Pharmacist oath at the “Apothecary Inauguration and Oath Taking of the XXXIX Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila” event. The event will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2008, in the Hall of the Lt. 4 Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila Jl. Srengseng Sawah Jagakarsa-South Jakarta.

The student pharmacists who will be inaugurated and take their oaths consist of 12 people who get the graduation predicate “With Praise” and 84 people get the graduation predicate “Very Satisfactory”. While the highest GPA score was achieved by Luli Berliana Pradila, which was 3.69 with a comprehensive score of “A”.

After the inauguration and taking the oath, a SePedA (Completed Pharmacist Education) ceremony will be held. This ceremony has many meanings for new Pharmacists at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila. It literally means that to achieve success one must work based on the 5T, namely: Responsiveness, Perseverance, Completeness, Patience, and Piety. And academically it means the completion of pharmacist education and graduation in the form of inauguration and oath taking. In addition to these two meanings, there are other meanings, namely the meaning of the alumni-alma mater relationship, the meaning of decorative bicycles, and the meaning of bicycles using masks. The SePedA ceremony is a characteristic of the life of the Academic Community of the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Pancasila, which is always possible to modify in its implementation, but must adhere to the principle: lively and not damage clothing and make-up (Alm. Drs. Respati Bambang Sutrisno, Apt.).

With the inauguration and oath taking of pharmacists class XXXIX, the entire academic community of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila wished “Congratulations and Success” to the following pharmacists:

No.Student NameGraduation Predicate
1Mulia AzmiyatiWith compliments
2Medindia FerolitaWith compliments
3Luli Berliana PradilaWith compliments
4Rika MardianaWith compliments
5Nuke AlfiyantiWith compliments
6Tutik Sri WahyuniWith compliments
7Sri WerdiningsihWith compliments
8Esti Chandra RiniWith compliments
9Widia MetaWith compliments
10Dewi AmaliaWith compliments
11Lindy RameditaWith compliments
12SusilowatiWith compliments
13Leni NuraeniVery Satisfactory
14Eka SafitriVery Satisfactory
15Devi Ratri WulanyariVery Satisfactory
16Syahtiar Deny HermawanVery Satisfactory
17Anita WijayantiVery Satisfactory
18Nina IndarwatyVery Satisfactory
19Siti NuraniVery Satisfactory
20Yuslia NovianiVery Satisfactory
21Dewi PurwantiVery Satisfactory
22Nur’aeni AttamimiVery Satisfactory
23Tri HastutiVery Satisfactory
24Salmah MuhamadVery Satisfactory
25Caroline GraciellaVery Satisfactory
26Octama RiandiniVery Satisfactory
27Raden Siti SyarifahVery Satisfactory
28Ikhwan BaladiVery Satisfactory
29Nur HasanahVery Satisfactory
30Raden Roro WidiatiVery Satisfactory
31WidyawatiVery Satisfactory
32Yuliandika Dirmarahayu PutriVery Satisfactory
33Fransiska SitompulVery Satisfactory
34Rahayu FitriyaniVery Satisfactory
35Novrita RahmawantiVery Satisfactory
36Ferry Satria WirawanVery Satisfactory
37Novelia Diah MirantiVery Satisfactory
38Andini AkuinaVery Satisfactory
39DesrianaVery Satisfactory
40ShobaahVery Satisfactory
41Rahandini ListyaningrumVery Satisfactory
42Thahira UlfaVery Satisfactory
43Teti Siska MayantiVery Satisfactory
44Yuliati PutriVery Satisfactory
45Yoga PangestuVery Satisfactory
46Danan JoyoVery Satisfactory
47IstiqomahVery Satisfactory
48Retno JuwitaVery Satisfactory
49Dian Kuswira SariVery Satisfactory
50Fiend Armi YulianVery Satisfactory
51Melavicki SukaputriVery Satisfactory
52Reski WidiyatiVery Satisfactory
53Agus SetiawanVery Satisfactory
54Eli KomalaVery Satisfactory
55Shinta RachmawatiVery Satisfactory
56Hermina SaesariVery Satisfactory

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