The development of science and technology, especially Pharmaceutical Sciences which is increasingly fast, requires that pharmaceutical services to the community must be more reliable, including the implementation of continuing education. The Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Pancasila, as a faculty that has won the trust of the community, always strives to improve the quality of education in the field of pharmacy.

As a form of concern and to meet the demands of society in continuing education (Continuing Education) for Bachelor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Science with a pharmaceutical background, FFUP has organized a Twinning Program education, starting in the 2009/2010 academic year, consisting of: Afternoon Pharmacist Professional Education Program and Program Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Business. This program is designed to provide an opportunity for S-1 alumni who have not completed their Pharmacist studies as well as participate in the Masters Education Program. This program is also to meet the needs of the market and alumni who work a lot in the pharmaceutical business.

PURPOSE The Twinning Program was developed to provide learning opportunities at FFUP for:

  1. Those who wish to become pharmacists who are professional in the pharmaceutical field including the pharmaceutical business.
  2. Those who wish to study efficiently follow the further education of the Pharmacist Profession as well as the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The number of educational credits for the Professional Pharmacist Program is 28 credits, which can be completed in 2 (two) consecutive semesters.

  • Semester I: Compulsory Lecture
  • Semester II: Pharmacist Professional Practice (PKPA)

Total credits of 40 credits can be completed in 4 (four) consecutive semesters, 8 credits are completed simultaneously with the pharmacist program and 32 credits can be completed in the next 2 semesters. Continuation of the master’s program is not binding, but can be continued within the next 1 (one) year.

1Pharmacy ManagementVV
2Applied PharmacotherapyVV
3Industrial PharmacyVV
4Pharmaceutical Law and EthicsVV
5Hospital PharmacyV
6Compounding & Dispensing/KIEV
7Medical Devices and SpecialtiesV
8Quality managementV
9Capita SelectaV
10Integrated TasksV

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