Campus hiring is one of the routine activities organized by FFUP and several pharmaceutical companies. FFUP has held campus hiring for several days on August 15 – 31 in room 311. The purpose of this activity is to bridge companies that will recruit FFUP graduates.

The agenda of this activity is that the company can conduct a company presentation, followed by a recruitment selection process. A series of campus hiring events on August 15 – 31, carried out offline and online. The following is a list of names of pharmaceutical companies that have partnered with FFUP: Argon Group, PT Pharos, PT Bintang Toedjoe PT Brawijaya, PT Erajaya, PT Mazta Farma, PT Novell, Atmajaya Hospital, Tigaka Kirana, PT Wellesta CPI.

So, don’t worry for those of you who are about to graduate or are looking for a job in Pharmacy! This campus hiring activity is routinely carried out by the Student Affairs Division (Field III) by partnering with companies and tailored to the needs. Routine activities held to prepare careers for students and alumni, especially FFUP graduates.

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