No. : 74/Peng/UIFF/VI/2021
Registration “Education” Program Study “Profession Pharmacist
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila
Odd Semester 2021/2022

It is announced that registration for the Odd semester 2021/2022 Pharmacist Professional Study Program is open from 05 July 2021 to 05 August 2021, with the following requirements:

  1. Registration of prospective new students of the Pharmacist Professional Study Program is online through the website at http://pmbonline.univpancasila., by:
    • Filling in the data for prospective students of the Pharmacist Profession Study Program.
    • Uploading the results scan diploma , transcripts, photos, ID cards, Certificate of Accreditation of Pharmacy Study Programs at the Origin Pharmacy College.
    • Obtain the results of verification of biodata and documents, then print the bill of payment.
    • Pay the registration fee for the Selection Test. of Rp. 800,000,-
    • Receipt of payment of registration scan and upload.
    • Get payment verification, then print test card.
  2. For prospective students from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University:
    • Attach proof of submission of thesis books.
    • For students who have just finished the thesis trial, the submission of books is no later than 1 (one) ) months after the thesis trial, and if you arrive at the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) you have not submitted a thesis book, you may not take the exam
    • GPA Strata-1 (S1) Pharmacy > 3.00.
  3. For prospective students who come from outside the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University:
    1. Pass the undergraduate program (S1) in Pharmacy, the graduation period is not more than 3 years.
    2. Submit a photocopy of the accreditation certificate of the undergraduate study program from the original pharmacy college.
    3. Strata-1 (S1) Pharmacy GPA > 3,25
  4. Sexy exam held on:
    • Theory & Landfill:
      • Day, date : Wednesday, August 11, 2021
      • Hours : 09.00 WIB – Finish
    • Interview:
      • Day, date : Thursday / 12 August 2021
      • Time : 09.00 WIB – Finish
    • Theoretical material tested : Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology.
    • Graduation announcement on day/date : Wednesday/ 18 August 2021
    • Re-registration date 18 – 23 August 2021 to the Academic section, by attaching :
      • Filling out the form Registration of the Pharmacist Profession Study Program
      • Photocopy of S1 certificate which is legalized : 1 sheet
      • Photocopy of legalized S1 transcript r: 1 sheet
      • Pass photo with purple background 4×6 : 2 pieces
      • Pass photo with purple background 3×4 : 2 pieces
      • Photocopy of birth certificate : 1 sheet
      • Photocopy of family card : 1 sheet
      • Certificate of good health t from a doctor
      • Certificate of not being color blind, not speech-impaired, not deaf (original) from a doctor and drug-free from an authorized institution.
      • Photocopy of accreditation certificate of faculty/study program Undergraduate Pharmacy College from origin.
    • Debriefing for new Pharmacist students was held on :
      • Day, date : Friday, 27 August 2021
      • Hours : 09.00 WIB – finish
      • Place: Hall (IV floor) Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila
    • Lecture starts on Monday, 30 August 2021

Thus announced to be known.

Jakarta, 05 May 2021


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